Roman Smunyov


About myself

Professionally, I’m a web developer - I use programming to make money at my job, but also to solve problems and help people in my spare time. In the best case scenario I do both at the same time - but even then I don’t stop creating helpful tools in the free nights hours. You can check some things I made by seeing “Personal projects”.

But profession is but a part of my life. It is big - the biggest one - but there are a bunch of things I’m interested in and curious about apart from it. There are broad areas of interest I follow, having got deep into some by this time: psychology, philosophy, culture and religion - but also some more scientific, like you would expect from a programmer: physics and astrophysics - I wanted to be one for a long time, lol.

That all sounds pretty nerdy, doesn’t it? It surely does, but actually I’m an extremely easy-to-connect-with person open to chat around. I like making friends with people I meet outside, prefer the old way to social networks - that’s why you won’t find my personal account anywhere, it just doesn’t exist.

I care about privacy also, that’s why I won’t share much more info here, but if you would like to know me better, don’t hesitate to contact.