Roman Smunyov


My projects

I’ll list them in order I made them.

  • PopUpOFF - browser extension that removes any popups and other naughty stuff from the screen. While it might not have the fanciest “best code practices” - I’ve done it in plain JS years ago - it’s the most successful app of mine and has more than 250K installs with 4.8/5 rating by now. Open source, free, no ads, no tracking.
  • Stylify - browser extension too, the idea was to make ugly websites more readable. It was all right but then there was browser native “read” mode, which destroyed the purpose for my app to exist. Now it’s remembered only in rare old tales from the East and this archived repository.
  • YouTube PLAS (PLAylist Search) - guess what, an extension again - yeah I was fond of them and was solving problems I saw on the web regularly. This one was adding functionality to search through “liked” videos right within the YouTube interface. It was working flawlessly, but then YouTube changed a lot of stuff: “likes” were not public anymore and right now not even tales will remember it. This website might
  • MarkALink - yep, extension. the 2nd most useful one. You can mark links you don’t want to visit again. Very helpful if you’re monitoring websites in search of something every day and by the 10th day you’re not sure by a picture if you’ve opened the listing previously or not. Check the video. I was so enthusiastic about cyber punk then, that I’ve made a whole website in that style, submitted it to awwwards and got some nice reviews. But I never did any marketing for that, so while it still is on, users are not many.
  • Finally, not an extension: Measureland - the project I fell in love with SvelteKit. Measureland is a service with huge ambitions which MVP I released locally where I lived at that time. It got a lot of attention and positive feedback. Also it was the first project I’ve got a group of volunteers to manage and it appeared to be a very hard job, though we were succeeding at that time: online and onsite meetings, hackathons, etc. However I wanted to make it ideal before the release and it was a critical mistake - it is never possible. Our motivation flew away and currently the project is unfinished and on hold. But this one shall have a bright future so I’m looking to return back one day.
  • Melme is what I am working on now. Very Dubai related at this point project, it’s a gift from me to this wonderful city. Second time I’ve got volunteers to help, do handle it better. In fact I handle everything much better compared to the previous project: I still want to do “ideal” before releasing it fully - right now it’s like MVP - but I update it regularly, talk with users and follow other practices to not burn myself again and make the product better and my team comfortable.
  • LinkedIn Quick Replies - an extension that adds fast editable replies on your message tab sparing some time on copypasting or writing the same questions and answers over and over. It was a part of functionality from my another extension and I’ve decided to move it to a separate app which was released very recently.

There were a few tools that I have made also but not listed - some of them never went out of beta and right now are barely usable like HR helper or LinkedAdd, some are just to specific and not interesting for most of my readers, like an npm module or app for my JavaScript watch.