Roman Smunyov


Why I don't have a fancier website

You might have expected a fancy website here - I might have done it, even. Like the other devs do - to bring beauty to this world, learn a new tool and show off impress. I would have loved that, but I don’t have time for this, you see. I spend my personal programming nights hours to actually bring value to other people. I’ve been doing pet projects for the last 4-5 years and some of them have even succeeded by this time whereas some of them haven’t. You can check them in my “Personal projects” section.

As you may notice, there are quite a few projects. Some of them were a few-weeks-to-month size - others, like Measureland - I spent almost 2 years on. Apart from coding, I also did design, marketing, video directing and editing, promoting, SEO, articles and texts writing, project managing and much more stuff - I cannot imagine how much time did it take. Sometimes I’m looking at it and wondering where I even get all that time… But this is a very interesting path. It’s a path of happiness - to feel yourself useful to society (even a little) and hear people thank you sometimes. Mistakes give lots of information where and how to improve - I believe they lead the path to “success”, though I dislike the word in this context - but explaining myself would take another wall of text.

Apart from that I have a job to do and life to live, actually.

I also did this website instead of the old version which I did too. I did the previous one so long ago that Preact didn’t have .jsx support yet. This “website” and text exist mainly because people tend to judge by “the cover”. I’m not having a fancy website because I enjoy using my software engineering knowledge to actually help people rather than doing meaningless animations on my awesome website or rewriting the same JS-tips-everyone-should-know articles again and again for my blog.

Now that you read everything I wanted to share on this topic, you may decide if I’m worthy for whatever the purpose you came here with. If so, contact me for business purposes via email or LinkedIn. Personal matter best started via email too - spam exists.